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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 28, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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it can be pretty bad >> from north carolina to row violent millions are preparing for torrential rains and even snow to. the superstar is heading their way >> good evening >> a hurricane is about to collide with the to whether weather systems. the target is the most populous region of the united states >> as many as 67 million people could be affected by this
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bloomberg ordered mandatory evacuations to low lying communities like coney island and battery park in manhattan because of an expected 11 foot storm surge. 375-thousand people need to leave. let me stress if you don't evacuate you not just putting your own life in danger you are also endangering the lives of our first responders who may have to come in and rescue you the subway systems in new york, washington d-c and philadelphia are closed. they may not be back on line until wednesday. a typical scene in connecticut and well beyond. tropical storm warnings cover 600 miles of coastline along the eastern seaboard. hurricane sandy is packing winds of 75 miles an hour. she is expected to collide with another system with the full force hitting the area monday night. president obama declared federal emergencies in washington, massachusetts and new york. my message to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there mitt romney also changed his campaign schedule but was able to stop in swing state ohio.
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"...our thoughts and prayers with them." and it's not just wind and rain. a third storm bringing canadian cold... could blanket west virginia, pennsylvania and ohio with wet heavy snow. "i don't know what to expect..." a high tide and a full moon make an already terrible weather situation even worse. casinos are closed in atlantic city, new jersey. and this sign says it all: be kind to us sandy. the governor of maryland has also declared a state of emergency >> in maryland... >> we have been here all day and, this is certainly the worst
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of... rain pelting down... this is not the worse... we have about 24 hours to go until the worst comes... the waves are fierce. hide tide and how long the storm will last is the most concerning... >> where are you? >> balcony of oceanside hotel...
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a big tourist site... the pool is drained... all visitors were evacuated here. the conditions are getting worse... >> sandy maybe 1,000 mi. away
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from chicago but local weather watchers are already predicting we will feel some of her a fax. high winds and high waves on lake michigan plus canceled flights at the airport are just the beginning of what we will see locally >> anyone who uses it chicago's lakefront path will want to be extra careful in the days ahead. we will feel the impact of hurricane sandy. feeling it already with extremely high winds... giant waves in lake michigan in the possibility of flooding >> at montrose harbor, today... winds whistled and whipped against the masts of sailboats. im glad i don't have a boat in maryland. lets put it that way. greg johnson and his wife were packing up their 22-foot catalina.
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hurricane sandy --bringing high winds and waves to the chicago area --could cause problems for boats not yet stored for the winter season. hopefully it won't be too kind of scattering serious problems. sandy also causing serious problems at chicago's o'hare airport.. nationwide, airlines have canceled thousands of flights to-and-from the east coast.. and, while many are still trying to get away from the "superstorm"..some are heading right towards it, to lend a helping hand. com ed sent 700 workers from battle power outages chicago's red cross sent 9 volunteers sometimes storms like this you want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. while residents along the densely populated east coast...ride out this storm..with fingers crossed.. northbrook based allstate insurance has a catastrophe team on the ground...ready to assess the damage sandy is bound
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to leave behind. >> we have 800 professionals ready for deployment. >> here is the latest from chicagos. chicagos. .. more than 100 flights canceled to the east coast. amtrak >> jim ramsey has in the weather center with more on this massive storm >> i have been looking for updated information... it is about 485 mi. south of new york city. it is expected to shift
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back to the northwest. this is such a massive storm is expected to impact from the mid-atlantic all the way up to the massachusetts coast. all this will take place over the next several days. it looks like it will make landfall late monday. there'll be flooding, beach erosion, power outages... in chicago a lake shore flood warning has been issued... we might even get a rain shower. look at all of the watches and warnings and the factin affect
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>> the superstorem is even affecting the first lady's travel plans to. shell obama is in chicago. she plans to leave washington tomorrow for a campaign trip to iowa. because of the storm she decided to leave early and spent the night in chicago >> stay tune with us for the latest developments on hurricane sandy >> there was another big weather concern overnight... a tsunami warning for hawaii was canceled just a few hours after it was issued. there was a lot of
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traffic as people headed for higher ground. a short time later this tsunami warning and the evacuation orders for coastal residents were canceled . >> we believe is appropriate for them to turn home >> the tsunami warning in hawaii was triggered by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in british columbia's queen charlotte islands off the west coast of canada. no major damage was reported from the earthquake >> coming up... a shooting has left one man dead and another wounded >> a domestic dispute ends in a
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car crash that injures half a dozen people >> they're not giving up their faith even though their church was destroyed by fire >> break
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man dead and a teenage boy wounded. police and paramedics responded to the attack a round 10 15th. the found a 21 year-old man dead at the scene and a 17 year-old boy shot in the hip. he
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was taken to the hospital where his condition was stabilized. no one is in custody for the attack >> 2 men are in police custody after a west side accident that injured six people. police said the two men in separate vehicles got into a domestic dispute and then crashed into several other cars. one of the men allegedly pulled out a gun and fired shots but no one was hit. three adults and three children were hurt in the accident they were taken to area hospitals. police say they're all in good condition >> two teenagers have been charged with the break-in that injured two horses at the police department mounted unit stable. the boys are ages 14 and 16. they faced several felony charges. investigators say they broke into the stable last month and let 27 of 30 horses out of their stalls before attacking some of the animals with a fire extinguisher
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>> coming up... firefighters come to the rescue after someone is trapped in a fire >> and a fire destroyed their church but worshipers are not giving up the faith... break this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't
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apartment building after 1030 this morning. a two-story building went up in flames. the injured resident was trapped in the building in rescued by firefighters. she was taken to the hospital in serious to critical condition >> two people were injured last night after fire destroyed a house. the fire broke o everyone in the house was able to get out on their own but paramedics took two of the residence to the hospital and treated them for smoke inhalation. it took firefighters about one hour to get the fire under control >> a fire that broke out friday morning at a church destroy a building that was more than 100 years old >> the congregation is not letting the destruction shake their face >>ith >> with open arms.. members of love, faith and praise church were welcomed into the antioch
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baptist church this morning for its first service since last weeks devastating fire.. that's my baby over there.. reverend ronald richardson.. still emotional about the destruction to his south side church.. led his congregation in services this morning - hopeful the move will be temporary. it means a lot to us..there's a lot of history in this early friday morning fire tore through the back portion of the church at 70th and stewart. demolishing the childrens gym.. which was housed in the older portion of the church built back in the 1800s.. no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. for more than a decade pastor richardson has worked to rehab the facility - turning it into a safe haven for kids in the violence plagued neighborhood. the community itself has suffered a great loss.. i grew up seeing that church...
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it is almost unbelievable >> for now.. antioch baptist will act as the churchs home.. leaders reorganizing their own services to accommodate the two congregations. rev. richardson says it is this support, which will propel them forward. 'with the love of the people the love the community.. keep our praise going." leaders with love, faith and praise church are meeting with the city and the insurance company tomorrow to discuss where they go from here.. but they do plan to rebuild. in the meantime an account has been set up at chase bank in the church's name for anyone who wishes to contribute. reporting in englewood amy rutledge wgn news. illinois lottery drawing is next...
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tonight on instant replay... bears get bailed out... a win that packers offense not great either... those stories and others tonight at 9:40
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strength to keep going. so get involved and do your part, invest in the future mentor a child. i was talking with one of my colleagues... he has never seen anythis set up before... >> we're talking about hurricane sandy... more of that and a momentin a moment... time lapse
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camera... temperatures only in the forties tonightday. not much hope for getting things more in the short term warm in the short term. temperatures tonight will drop into the upper 20s. winds dying down... it will change with time... these are wind gusts...
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the purple is wind gusts... 60mph along lake shore... fairly quiet fall feeling night here... snowing in north dakota... to the east... hurricane sandy... it will probably come to shore round central new jersey... it will be impacting the mid-atlantic and northeast no matter where it touches down... we will keep you updated... for tonight... in the 30s...
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tomorrow.. clouds building... temps below morning... wind watch tomorrow night... powerful winds continue on tuesday. lake shore flood warning 1am tuesday. 7 day forecast...
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low 60s friday and saturday >> still ahead... hurricane sandy may be taking aim on the york and surrounding states but she cannot keep lady liberty down...
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celebration it took place at the statue of liberty. it reopens today after a yearlong renovation but it is not open to the public yet thanks to the impending storm. the 19th century gift from france was closed last october for a $30 million renovation. now for the first time visitors in wheel chairs will have access to one of the observation decks. the celebration also marks the statues and 126 birthday. the public opening is rescheduled for wednesday >> and oscar contender based on
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storm is now about 500 mi. across and high winds and waves are already counting the eastern seaboard. this is a live shot ... near maryland... 67 million people are in the expected path of the storm. here in chicago the national weather service has issued a lake shore flood warning for lake michigan from
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1:00 a.m. tuesday to 4:00 p.m. wednesday. waves could top 16-22 ft. and winds could peak at 60 mi. an hour here in the midwest. stay tune with us for the latest developments >> that is the news for this sunday night >> instant replay is coming up next... break ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face.
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